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        L’expérience Crestron Sightline
        A better hybrid experience for everyone is in sight.

        Crestron Sightline is a unique combination of intelligent video, audio, and control that delivers a more immersive and inclusive hybrid meeting experience. A solution designed to see and react to the differing needs of in-room and remote participants — easily and automatically. A one-of-a-kind experience that enables participants to focus on the purpose, not the technology, of hybrid meetings.

        A more natural, inclusive, and engaging experience for everyone.

        In-room and remote participants have different needs and one shared goal: collaborative, productive meetings. See how Crestron Sightline brings together the most cutting-edge and comprehensive solutions to set everyone and every room up for success.

        Intuitive solutions for in-room participants.

        In-room participants want to engage with everyone, everywhere, equally. They want to move, present, and control the room easily and naturally without losing sight of anyone on screen or at the table.

        • Begin your meeting with one touch. Crestron Flex Video Conferencing and Crestron Control® make it easy to bring all the Crestron Sightline room technology to life — automatically.
        • Multiple in-room displays give remote participants greater visibility so you can easily maintain a direct line of sight to everyone in the meeting, while simultaneously seeing all the content shared in the meeting.
        • Move about freely knowing that intelligent voice-activated cameras are automatically tracking the conversation as you move around the room, or conversation, moves from speaker to speaker.
        • Set the AV, lighting, and temperature to match your meeting needs with Crestron Control.

        Focused solutions for remote participants.

        Remote participants perform better when they can follow the conversation from speaker to speaker right down to every gesture and expression.

        • Automate™ VX multi camera switching technology utilizes AI to track the conversation from speaker to speaker so it’s easier for remote participants to engage in the conversation.
        • Optical zoom cameras capture every expression and gesture even from 60ft. away
        • Customized scenes and the ability to place up to 12 cameras means remote participants will always have the best view for any type of meeting.

        So smart, it’s easy to use.

        Crestron Sightline rooms are easy to use. An intuitive and beautifully designed UI puts all meeting room technology right at your fingertips. One-touch meeting join, and one-touch control of AV, lighting, and temperature is just the beginning. With Crestron Sightline, the touch of a button automatically changes camera layouts to match a change in room function. Works with Microsoft Teams® or Zoom Rooms™ platforms.

        An experience only Crestron can deliver.

        Hybrid work introduced major challenges to collaboration. Crestron has answered those challenges with a combination of technologies that break down the walls between in-room and remote participants, allowing for more natural, human connection. A level of technological collaboration only Crestron could create.

        The technology behind the experience

        Every piece of Crestron technology has been selected to deliver true meeting equity, easily and automatically.

        Vidéoconférence Crestron Flex

        A one-touch join experience for Microsoft Teams® Room or Zoom Rooms® meetings with a beautifully designed and intuitive UI.


        Control the room to meet your needs — from AV to lighting and temperature.

        Automate™ VX built in AI

        Automated multi-camera switching technology follows the conversation from speaker to speaker so remote viewers can read the room — in detail.

        DM NVX® AV-sur-IP

        Video distribution to multiple in-room displays keep multiple remote participants directly in view.

        Designed to meet the needs of any space.

        See how Crestron Sightline can be customized to spaces that demand the highest level of dynamic hybrid collaboration.

        See the Crestron Sightline Experience in action. Schedule a demo today.
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        L’expérience Crestron Sightline : De meilleures réunions hybrides en perspective
        Lecture de 3 min

        Hybrid meetings are now a real and permanent way of working. While video conferencing has expanded remote capabilities, it has also revealed the need for enhancements to enable true collaboration: in-person participants need better ways to engage with remote participants; and conversation must flow more naturally between all participants, so no one feels like a spectator.

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        Atteindre une véritable équité de réunion : Ligne de visée et vidéo intelligente
        Lecture de 5 min

        Corning est une entreprise Fortune 500® et l’un des principaux innovateurs mondiaux en science des matériaux. Les solutions de vidéoconférence, de présentation sans fil, de distribution AV et de réservation de salle Crestron sont le fondement des édifices intelligents avancés de Corning, contribuant à l’évolution continue de l’entreprise en tant qu’innovateur de premier plan dans les technologies sans fil et à fibre optique.

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        Following the Language of Film: Comment Sightline imite les "coups que vous connaissez"
        Lecture de 5 min

        Film editor Joe Walker (whose massive list of credits includes Dune and 12 Years a Slave) has a pretty unique take on the problems presented by remote work. During the pandemic, Walker was forced to move test screenings out of the theater. “Typically, we would watch a film with an audience of … three to four hundred people,” Walker says during an episode of the podcast Float. That allowed Walker to see the communal response generated by his editing choices. For example, did the camera linger on a subject too long after a joke or cut away too quickly — in either case, diminishing what might be much-needed comic relief? “It could be as little as eight or ten frames that make the difference,” he adds. Watching test audiences view a film on their individual laptops never gave Walker the complete information he needed.

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